Deputy CMO appeals to anyone planning on meeting with others against advice this Easter to do so outside

Dr. Ronan Glynn says people should physically distance and wear masks where that isn't possible.

It comes as a further 411 new cases and 6 deaths were reported yesterday.

The numbers with the virus in hospital has dropped by 18 in 24 hours to 272, while there is 64 in ICU.

Dr Ronan Glynn says if people are mixing in the coming days, they should avoid doing this inside:

"The advice to people will be that you can meet up with other households outdoors for recreation purposes. Of course we're aware that some households, some people are going to do that and are doing that already. What we would say to people is if you've made a decision to meet up with another household. While that's not our advice at the moment, but if you're going to do that, do it outdoors, meet up in parks, meet up outdoors over the coming days."

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