Covid-19 Evening Update

Here's a reminder of today's Covid headlines

9 more patients with Covid-19 have died and 443 more people have contracted Covid-19, 32 of these were in Cork.

261 people are being treated in hospital, aftter 12 more patients were admitted, with 60 receiving intensive care. 

The national average infection rate is 157.7 -- though it's well over double that in Offaly, which has the highest level in the Republic. 


DCU Professor of Health Systems, Anthony Staines, says it's still too early to reopen outdoor dining in Ireland.

A recent survey showed just 0.1 per cent of Covid cases have been linked to outdoor transmission 


The education minister says the vaccine rollout list was changed because of strong new scientific evidence.

Tomorrow, three major teachers unions will consider measures up to industrial action.


The World Health Organisation says the the benefits of the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19 outweigh any risks. 

It's studying the latest data following reports of blood clots in some people who've received it -- and will deliver a fresh assessment either tomorrow or Thursday. 

But the WHO doesn't believe there will be any reason to change its advice. 

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