Cork doctor working during COVID-19 crisis 'overwhelmed' by support after bike stolen

The story which first appeared on RedFM News has gained widespread attention across the city and county with the doctor inundated with offers of help.

On Saturday night after a 13 hour shift on day 14 of 19 the Cork doctor discovered his bike, which he relies on for transport to and from the hospital, had been stolen. 

He's one of many Cork doctors and healthcare professionals who are under severe pressure amid the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Once the story, which was covered by the Cork's RedFM news team, was published there was an outcry of anger with listeners taking to social media to express their disgust and to offer help.

The doctor, who wishes to remain anonymous, was offered dozens of personal bikes, lifts and even new bikes. 

Speaking to RedFM News the doctor says, "I’m overwhelmed by the support of the people of Cork and beyond."

He said he was taken aback by the generosity of the public whose gratitude stands in stark contrast to the actions of the individual who stole the bike, "Thank you to everyone who messaged and offered their support, I was inundated with offers of bikes and lifts to work," he said.

Meanwhile Will Curtin of The Giant Store Cork was quick to respond to the incident offering the doctor a replacement bike immediately.


"I'd like to thank Will Curtin at the Giant Store Cork for his generous offer of a replacement bike," he added.

However the doctor told RedFM News that the biggest thank you at the moment needs to be directed towards healthcare professionals who are battling the COVID-19 outbreak putting themselves at risk every day. 

"I’d also like to thank my colleagues on the front line who are working so hard to help people during this crisis.”

The matter has been reported to Gardaí and the hospital security are examining CCTV footage. 

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