"Click and Collect" was another service that went unmentioned by the Taoiseach last night

The service is seen as crucial by many businesses and can help to keep trade flowing however the owner of a city centre bookshop doesn't believe that it would help to sustain a business 

Joan Lucey of Vibes and Scribes says traders need to see their doors being opened sooner rather than later so they can start trading  normally again and get their staff back to full time work 

Joan told RedFM News that the service is crucial for many businesses but she is more concerned about the lack of any mention on  the re-opening of retail: 

"There is no mention about opening up retail. I mean, click and collect, to be honest, for some businesses works well. It's a difficult thing to operate for our sort of business where people are buying a lot of small products together, but I'm sort of disappointed there is no mention at all about when retail is actually going to open up. It's like as if retail is very much nearly forgotten at the moment. Like, click and collect, it's not going to help a business survive, some businesses it might make a big difference,[but] for a lot of retail, we need more than that."

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