CIF: Government's Plan To Gradually Reopen Building Sites Is Unnecessarily Cautious

The Construction Industry Federation believes that the sector has proven itself to be very a safe workplace, despite the pandemic.

They say they are hopeful that once the industry does resume, that it will illustrate that it can continue to work safely.

Figures released by the CIF show that at present, construction has the lowest ratio of cases to outbreaks of any sector.

Speaking to RedFM News, Conor O'Connell of the Construction Industry Federation says the sector is safety conscious and called for its full reopening:

"There are approximately 30,000-40,000 construction workers working in sites at the moment that have been deemed to be essential and the rates are very, very low. Since January 8th, since elements of the industry were shut down, we've had very, very few cases. In fact, in one week in January there were no outbreaks on construction sites, when there were several thousand cases a day [in the general population] so we've been performing very well, and the incidence rate has been very low. Our ideal scenario is that all construction activities are allowed to resume as soon as possible."

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