An Infectious Disease Specialist Says It's Not Inevitable Covid-19 Cases Will Rise Again Over Christmas

Last night the Government announced a move back to Level 3 from Tuesday

This will include the reopening of retail and places of worship.

Restaurants will be able to open from Friday and from December 18th, travel restrictions will ease and up to three households can gather.

The measures comes despite a warning from NPHET that the risk's still too high.

Professor Sam McConkey from the Royal College of Surgeons, says people acting responsibly over the coming weeks can prevent a further rise in cases:

'The hope that we want to get to is control of community spread, low enough so we can go and visit our grandmothers and mothers in a very comfortable, relaxed way, but we're not there yet, with 200 cases a day. It's hard to get to there. So hopefully the numbers will come down more over the next week or two, and we can gradually get there, so I would put out that hope that it's not inevitable that cases rise if we socialise.'

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