A Public Health Expert Says Only Tracing 48 Hours Of Contacts For Those Infected With Covid-19 Is Not Enough

He says we're trying to fight the pandemic "with our eyes shut"

Yesterday officials confirmed 344 new cases of the virus in the Republic, and four deaths among those infected. 

Last month the HSE launched a pilot programme to trace back a fortnight of contacts, to try and explain where unknown cases are coming from. 

Professor Anthony Staines of DCU expects it will show sources of infection that are currently being missed by only going back 48 hours:

'I think it'll give us an idea of where people are being infected. We have the long argument about are we getting clusters in schools or not. And we're not seeing clusters in schools, because we don't look for them. We we don't know where most people are getting infected. If we tracked back, we could actually know where they're being infected, but by choosing not to know we're trying to control the pandemic which our eyes shut tight.

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