A Public Health Expert Says Irish People Don't Need To Be Used As Test Subjects To Prove Covid-19 Spreads In Bars

Restaurants and pubs serving food will be allowed back open later next week

It's as the government eases pandemic restrictions. 

Yesterday 243 more people tested positive for the virus, and seven more patients were confirmed to have died.

Yesterday's cases included 91 in Dublin, 26 in Donegal, and 18 here in Cork.

DCU's Professor Anthony Staines says there's more than enough data from other countries to show the risks from the hospitality sector:

'For most people in Ireland, we don't know where they were infected. In most of the European countries we are doing this tracking back so we have a fair idea where people are getting infected. That's why we believe that pubs and restaurants are probably major spreaders of this illness. Because that's what has happened in other countries. The Vintners and Restaurants Association are rightly saying that on the Irish data we don't know. But going by international data, we probably do know.'

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