Warning for parents of Children using oovoo app

A Cork mother has spoken out after her son was among 7 children on a group chat who were infiltrated by a man whom she believes is a paedophile.

Deborah's 12 year old son was using the Oovoo video App on a group chat with a number of his friends, who are all in 5th and 6th class, when a man joined their chat, he was naked and in his 50's or 60's and was wearing a mask.

He told the children he was French and asked the children to put masks on and mimick how he was touching himself.

The kids told their parents and Deborah immediately got a new SIM card for her son's phone, believeing that it would be enough to block him, however her son alerted her that the following day the same man re-joined their group chat.

The guards have been alerted and speaking to Cork's RedFM Deborah has this advice for other parents whose children may be using the app.

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