The Amount Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Being Diagnosed In Ireland Has Fallen This Year

That's according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre

However the Sexual Health Centre here in Cork says this doesn't mean that the instance of STIs has reduced. 

It's believed a reduction in screening services since the pandemic hit could be the reason for the 2020 figures being lower than last year. 

Speaking to RedFM News, Executive Director of the Sexual Health Centre in Cork Martin Davoren says the figures are concerning if people haven't accessed screening services and have been at risk:

'With all of the lockdowns and the different restrictions, there have been restricted STI screening services across the country. So that has meant people have not had the same access to services, they may not have received an STI screening this year. And so that's a very cautious report of STI diagnosis. It may actually be the fact that people just didn't get access to service until it hasn't been recorded. Right now it's very important for people if they feel they have been at risk, if they haven't got access to service that they do try and access that service.'

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