Cork TD Holly Cairns has said she accepts a Fine Gael TD's apology

Fine Gael's Joe Carey liked a tweet calling her 'an ignorant little girl'

Deputy Cairns has been campaigning to block a planned increase in funding to the greyhound industry which will be voted on today.

She's also called for full de-funding of the industry by 2025.

Fine Gael TD Joe Carey has apologised for liking a derogatory tweet about her on the issue:

"I suppose initially, my reaction was to ignore it and you know that became impossible when I received an apology from Deputy Carey. And I suppose the reality is, is that women in Ireland have gotten used to these kind of gendered comments, and sometimes find it easier to ignore it. However, if we continue to ignore it, we will allow a culture that facilitates this kind of commentary, which is absolutely unacceptable".

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