Concerns expressed over vaccine for first year students

The vaccine aims to prevent certain strains of HPV which can in some cases, cause cervical cancer.  

An injunction is expected to be taken against the HSE this week in a bid to prevent secondary school girls from getting the Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

The vaccine is currently given to first year students and aims to prevent certain strains of HPV which can cause cervical cancer in some women.  

The National Citizens Movement has expressed concern about the level of information being given to parents before the vaccine is administered. 

Virginia Hurley's daughter Ciara from Carrigaline received the vaccine in 2010 and was later diagnosed with POTS disease. 

The 22-year-old now suffers from chronic fatigue, pain, stomach issues and swelling and she had to quit college as a result.  

The vaccine's safety is being reviewed by the European Medicines Agency but so far no changes to the vaccine policy have been advised.  

Speaking to RedFM News, Virginia says despite no proof between the vaccine and Ciara's illness, she feels there is a link between the two. 

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