Remote workers could save €140...


Remote workers could save €1400 per year

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11:19 18 May 2022

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Remote workers could save up to €1400 per year.

New Government research shows that while those who work from home could see their heating costs rise by €79 a year and electricity rise by €30, eliminating the cost of a car could see remote workers better off by €304 each year.

That figure is based on the average commute distance in Ireland by car of 15km each way; however, the actual savings could be significantly higher depending on a person's commute distance, or whether they use a car to get to work

It's believed that true cost savings are much higher, as in cities, despite shorter commutes, cars burn fuel sitting in traffic, while average commuting lengths are significantly higher in rural areas

Tanaiste Leo Vardakar says that working from home has many benefits for employees and the companies that employ them.

"The research that we've done does indicate a two significant upside from low remote working.

"One is that it's easier for people with caring responsibilities particularly parents, and also people with disabilities to enter and stay in the workforce, and the other is that it can produce savings,

"We're all very aware of the very high cost at the moment of commuting, the price of petrol and diesel."

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