Nearly 100 people waited more...


Nearly 100 people waited more than 24 hours on trolleys yesterday

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RedFM News

10:49 10 Jan 2023

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The trolley situation in Irish hospitals is a result of the healthcare system not changing in '30 years'.

That's the view of an Irish GP after last week saw record numbers without a bed in Emergency Departments.

Yesterday, nearly 100 people were waiting more than 24 hours on trolleys.

51 people were being treated on trolleys at Cork University, the Mercy and Bantry General hospitals yesterday

Dr Brendan O’Shea, GP and Trinity College Professor, says acute hospitals could be contributing to the problem due to their size.

"What we actually have is we have 28 acute hospitals. They are actually quite expensive. By international standards, half of them are actually quite small. They're still expensive. And the smallness of these hospitals creates a real difficulty that I'm not certain that we're addressing.

"Smaller hospitals are known to be less efficient, they're less likely to be able to itnroduce innovation."

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