Micheal Martin denies 'indenit...


Micheal Martin denies 'indenity crisis' in Fianna Fail

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08:11 13 Sep 2022

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The Taoiseach has denied accusations of an 'identity crisis' within his party.

The Fianna Fail think-in is stretching into its second day in Mullingar, with energy bills and the cost of living package the top of today's agenda.

Despite accusations of an identity crisis, Micheal Martin says his party knows what it stands for.

"I don't accept there's an identity issue. I think there's an over fixation by certain people on that.

"I've never had any doubts since I've joined Fianna Fail of what I stand for, and the identity that I represent.

"I'm very pleased in Government that we took the housing portfolio, because it's the most challenging. We took on health, a very difficult area.

"We've had to deal with a pandemic, which we've come through, but we're not losing sight of those issues."

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