Loyalists say anti-protocol ra...


Loyalists say anti-protocol rallies will continue

RedFM News
RedFM News

07:44 23 Feb 2022

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Loyalists say anti-protocol rallies will continue across Northern Ireland until the Brexit trading arrangement's removed.

The latest in a series of protest's to take place in Portadown later, and another is planned for later this week.

Yesterday former DUP leader Arlene Foster said she expects the rallies to be "ratcheted up" ahead of May's Stormont elections.

Loyalist activist, Jamie Bryson, says they'll go on until their concerns are addressed.

"We will never accept or tolerate the protocol, so things will continue for as long and go as far as necessary to ensure that the protocol is removed.

"I think that the Irish government and the European Union need to very quickly come to realise that, and therefore if they want to protect peace and stability in Northern Ireland then they must urgently take steps to remove the protocol and come up with a solution which are respects constitutional and territorial integrity of the United Kingdom."

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