Local Authorities Accused Of F...


Local Authorities Accused Of Failing To Recognise Importance Of Dog Fine Enforcement

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

02:34 12 Feb 2024

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Local authorities have been accused of failing to recognise the importance of enforcing dog fines.

A Sinn Féin Senator says while some county council's are good at issuing fines, they are not good at collecting them.

Cork issued 55 fines, Wexford issued 70, and Galway handed out 40 last year.

Senator Lynn Boylan says the figures don't tell the whole story.

"There is also an issue about some local authorities being very good at issuing the fines, but then when you see the collection rate, they're quite low, and that's costly for a local authority as well. So there is an issue of the resourcing of dog wardens and the collection of fines".

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