IBTS calls for donations in th...


IBTS calls for donations in the run in to Christmas

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08:26 15 Dec 2022

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Giving blood is a selfless act for the donor - but a priceless Christmas gift for the patient that receives it.

That's the message from the Irish Blood Transfusion Service, which is calling on potential donors to drop in.

There's no risk to supplies yet, but the service says over 10,000 appointments are needed to keep the stocks at a healthy level.

Director of Donor Services, Paul McKinney has this message for potential donors.

"I would appeal that please, if you get a text from us please: make an appointment, make a donation.

"It is a wonderful thing to do, it's a selfless act for the person who gives it, but it is a priceless gift to the person who receives it.

"Your donation could save someone's life, and make a huge difference.

"I would like to thank our donors for the incredible support this year, which has been very challenging."

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