EU energy roadshow at UCC hear...


EU energy roadshow at UCC hears Russian war in Ukraine is a stark reminder that dependence on Russian fossil fuels is not sustainable

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RedFM News

03:46 8 Nov 2022

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The European Commission says Europe cannot do business with someone who openly threatens it and wages war against one of it's closest neighbours, meaning the move to renewables is not only good for the environment but also becomes a strategic investment in terms of security.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told delegates at today's COP27 summit in Egypt that the acceleration and scaling up of renewables is needed to secure energy supply and help the planet

Speaking to RedFM News at the event, Head of Energy Research at Tyndall National Institute, Professor Brian Norton says the world can't lose any time in moving to sustainable energy:

"It can't be a long way the distance I think is the answer. And that requires political will. It requires regulation to make sure you get value for money and consumer protection in taking things forward. So I think you're certainly looking in a scenario for - it depends what you mean by complete, I suppose to a certain extent- but a scenario that certainly is moving that transition towards completion in the next 20 years... maybe sooner."

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