More Than 100 Community Activi...


More Than 100 Community Activists Join Together To Resist So-Called Far-Right

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

12:40 12 Feb 2024

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More than one hundred community activists from across Ireland have joined together - to form a new national organisation to combat the hijacking of community protests - by the so-called far-right.

Communities Against Racism Ireland says it will offer support to people who want to stand up to anti-refugee protestors, but feel afraid to do so.

Spokesperson Helena McCann says CARI offers the solidarity of a network of similarly minded people.

"Unfortunately, when it's happening in your town, and you're saying "Oh, this is wrong. This can't be happening. You should be doing this". Sometimes you can take the attention away from whatever the protest is, and they can turn quite nasty. So, we're offering a support network throughout the country so people aren't feeling isolated"

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