CMO did not recommend new Covi...


CMO did not recommend new Covid restrictions in meeting with party leaders.

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07:14 15 Dec 2021

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The chief medical officer did not recommend new Covid restrictions when he met government party leaders last night.

But Dr Tony Holohan presented them with new modelling about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

It made up 14 per cent of yesterday's Covid figures - and Dr Holohan expects that to rise rapidly in the coming days.

NPHET will fully consider whether new measures are needed when it meets tomorrow morning.

Beaumont Hospital consultant, Bill Tormey, says new research from South Africa is quite positive about the new variant.

"The Omicron is nothing like as bad as the previous two, but it seems to be more infectious.

"Fewer patients are needing intensive care from Omicron, with just 5% of cases admitted to ICU compared to 22% of people who had gone into hospital with the Delta variant.

"It's far safer than Delta, so the panic should be off."

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