Working remotely may result in...


Working remotely may result in reduced wages in the future

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

01:53 22 Feb 2024

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Working remotely may result in reduced wages in the future, according to a study published by spend management platform Pleo.

One in five small to medium sized European companies are looking at lowering the pay of staff who work from home as a cost-cutting measure.

The move is already being trialled by companies such as Google in New York.

Caroline Reidy from the HR Suite says businesses worldwide are making moves to get workers back at their desks

"We are seeing a lot more companies now saying that the want people to come back, either into the office all the time, where a lot of  US multinationals are looking at mandating back to the office returns at some stage in 2024, which is causing its own challenges around attraction and retention"


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