VFI Cork describe new Governme...


VFI Cork describe new Government regulations as Farcical

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:20 26 Oct 2021

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Farcical - that's how the Vintners Federation of Ireland in Cork have described the new regulations the Government are introducing for nightclubs and late bars. 
Patrons will now need to book a ticket an hour in advance to enter a club or late bar and there will be no congregating outside. 
Representatives from the sector had requested a two-week grace period in order to implement the ticketing systems however it appears the Government is going to push ahead with passing the new regulations this week. 
Michael O'Donovan from the Vintners Federation of Ireland and owner of the Castle Inn in the city says trying to implement this new system by this weekend is not practical. 
Speaking to RedFM News he says it's getting harder for the trade to keep up with the requirements needed: 

"Many late nights venues across Cork city and county, they do food from when they opened in the morning right through the evening into the night, and now they're in a scenario that if people are eating at the table, having a few drinks afterwards, maybe they might meet friends and come 11 o'clock when it turns into a late night venue, they will have to be asked to leave the venue, buy a ticket to go somewhere else for an hour, and then come back again to the same venue. It's just getting farcical at this stage the requirements."

VFI Cork describe new Government regulations as Farcical

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