UCC SU President says action h...


UCC SU President says action has to be taken on accommodation crisis

RedFM Sport
RedFM Sport

01:15 29 Sep 2021

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Two government departments have written to the Chief Executives of all local authorities in the country to highlight the 'critical' need for student accommodation.

Housing Minister Darragh O'Brien and Further Education Minister Niall Collins issued a circular on Friday and comes after RedFM News highlighted how some students are being forced to stay in hostels or commute long distances due to a lack of affordable student accommodation...

The letter sent to the Councils says purpose built student accommodation should only be used by students during the academic year and should not be used for short-term lets indefinitely.

The two Departments are due to meet with universities over the coming days to discuss the issue.

Speaking to RedFM News, UCC Student Union President Asha Woodhouse says urgent action needs to be taken on the crisis facing students in securing accommodation.

"At an institutional level I think UCC have a role to play.

"But I think the buck stops with the government and our local authorities, they have a responsibility to provide housing for people.

"People who have to live in cramped and shared accommodation, we see that this kind of living is detrimental to people's well being long term.

"It just seems like it's almost being accepted, almost being a norm now.

"I think we really need to show that this isn't acceptable and they really need to act quickly to do something about it."

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