UCC students union are calling...


UCC students union are calling on the Government to build more affordable student accommodation

RedFM News
RedFM News

03:19 1 Sep 2023

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4,000 students are expected to start their first year at University College Cork next week and the union say a large amount of students are still desperate for accommodation.

The first round of CAO offers came out on Wednesday and students will have to scramble to find rooms near the college before they start next week.

Speaking to RedFM News, UCC Student Welfare Officer Aoibhe O'Brien says students are practically working full-time jobs to pay for rooms:

"The market is so saturated here with the private complexes having more public ones but at a lower rate, that don't have these gyms and pool tables and fancy amenities that students really don't need. We have a great Mardyke gym here in UCC that students can use for free. We don't need another gym at your student accommodation if it means that the price will be lower, and more affordable for your average student"


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