Traffic Restrictions For Yough...


Traffic Restrictions For Youghal Due To Ironman Triathlon This Weekend

RedFM News
RedFM News

09:41 13 Aug 2022

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Traffic restrictions are in place in Youghal due to the Ironman Triathlon races taking place this weekend.

Thousands of athletes from all over the world are taking part in the Irish edition of the famous race over the next day days.

Local traffic is being diverted away from the town and a park and ride service is in operation- a full list of diversions is available on the Ironman website.

Speaking to RedFM News, Kay Curtain from Kay's Flowers says the entire town is buzzing for the event:

"So there's a good few places that you can park, you know. Definitely Saturday is a 'no no' in the town and Sunday. Monday then,  it will be opened as normal. We're looking forward to it. Now, we just can't wait and it's just great to see everybody around the place. And there's good vibes. We just need that at the moment."

Meanwhile, a warm-weather plan has been introduced for the Youghal's Ironman.

Organisers say over 4,000 runners are taking part in today's 113km 'half-Ironman' and tomorrow's full Ironman.

Competitors will have access to an aid-station every ten minutes - and three 'wet zones' along the course.

Youghal residents have also entered into the spirit of things - and are volunteering to 'hose down the Ironmen' - which no doubt will provide some welcome relief.

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