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The average wait for a driving test in Cork is just over four and a half weeks

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02:29 2 Feb 2022

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However, the Road Safety Authority says waiting times vary across the country.

On average the national wait time is currently 10 weeks.

St. Finbarr's testing centre has the longest wait in Cork with 6 weeks, while the Wilton and Skiberreen testing centres have an estimated wait of 4 weeks.

The RSA's Director of Driver Testing, Declan Naughton, says efforts will be made to address those areas where there are delays:

"By and large, across the country taking an average we're at about 10 weeks across the country per car test. As you say, there are some outliers, there's seven or eight centers that are above ten weeks, some 13, 14, 15, and work has to happen there."

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