Taoiseach says people should d...


Taoiseach says people should do what they can to reduce their energy use

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12:29 4 Apr 2022

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The Taoiseach says it makes sense for people to try and conserve energy to deal with the cost of living increases.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has suggested people should take shorter showers and cut out one car journey a week to bring down costs.

A further package of measures aimed at addressing the high cost of living are expected to be considered by government next week.

Taoiseach Michael Martin says it's sensible for people to do what they can to reduce their energy use:

"Energy efficiency makes sense, anytime in the year, crisis or no crisis, and let's not be so dismissive of that either and energy efficiency is an important issue. Hence, why we're putting so much money into homes to enable people to adapt our homes to have greater energy efficiency, which means less cost for people. I mean, that's the sensible thing to do over time."

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