Talks have broken down between...


Talks have broken down between management and unions at Aer Lingus

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

04:11 27 Jun 2024

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The executive of the Irish Airline Pilots Association is to meet later to consider escalating industrial action.

IALPA members are currently engaged in an indefinite work to rule, and it was hoped these talks could progress relations between the two parties.

IALPA President Captain Mark Tighe claims IALPA made some movement, but Aer Lingus didn't on some of its demands:

"IALPA officially moved from its inflationary figure of 23.8% the company has not moved from its statement that anything more than 12.25% would have to be funded by pilots own payments through work practice changes.

Aer Lingus says IALPA's movement on it's initial pay claim was 'minimal', adding the union 'didn't have a mandate' to discuss flexibility and productivity arrangements.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Donal Moriarty says that needs to change:

"We are available to engage in direct discussions at any time, including later today, tomorrow or over the weekend, but we feel that in order for those to be genuinely constructive on IALPA and FORSA's  part, they need to revisit their mandate and get the flexibility within their mandate to talk about the very things that can resolve this dispute"

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