Referees Society warns that ab...


Referees Society warns that abuse of officials is resulting in fewer referees

RedFM Sport
RedFM Sport

06:57 6 Oct 2021

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Cork soccer clubs are having to cancel games as referee numbers drop over abuse of officials.

A zero tolerance approach to unacceptable behaviour by players coaches and supporters is being adopted by the Cork branch of Irish Soccer Referees Society across all grades in Cork.

In a letter to all leagues in Cork the society have warned there is a serious possibility matches won't be able to go ahead due to a shortage of referees.

There are just 75 referees available to cover all games in Cork every weekend with some leagues having to call off games.

Speaking to RedFM News, Chairperson of the Cork branch of the Irish soccer referees society Edwin McNally says the abuse of referees must stop - as every one of them is doing their best in every game.

"We're only there to implement to implement the laws.

"We're not making these things up in our head, like people say 'oh, home town decision', or 'you're only looking after him because he's your buddy'.

"If I'm being assessed by an assessor at a game, I need to be at the top of my game if I want to get the next game. If a big game comes in to Cork I want my name in the hat. I can't afford to go out and have a bad game because I'm buddies with some manager.

"It doesn't work that way."

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