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OPW And Department Of Integration Assure Local Representatives That Residents Will Be Informed If Mallow Site Is Deemed Suitable For Modular Homes

RedFM News
RedFM News

06:19 27 Jan 2023

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If a site in Mallow is deemed suitable for modular homes, locals will be kept informed.

That's according to a councillor for the the Kanturk-Mallow Municiple District .

The Department of Integration and the OPW held a meeting with local representatives in Mallow this afternoon to discuss the possibility of modular homes being built in the town to house Ukrainian refugees.

Local residents protested at the site at Carhookeal yesterday because they, they say, they had not been consulted about the development.

The councillors were assured that the works are site investigation works only and that no building work has been approved or begun.

Councillors were told that the site is being considered for a maximum of 30 homes, with each home suitable for families of up to 4.

Speaking to RedFM News, Councillor Gearóid Murphy of the Kanturk-Mallow Municipal District says the Department and the OPW should have had to respect to inform locals:

"If it is found suitable for modular homes, there will be consultation with the residents immediately adjacent to the site - we've been guaranteed of that. Don't get me wrong, before they had any works going on, I believe they should have had the curtesy and the respect to notify the residents in the area of the works and of their nature. And people quite reasonably came to the conclusion in some cases that they were a building works even though it turns out they were only Sight Investigation Works"

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