Cork rappers Kabin Crew to rel...


Cork rappers Kabin Crew to release their viral hit ‘The Spark’ as a single

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

12:39 14 Jun 2024

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Cork rappers Kabin Crew and their pals from the Lisdoonvarna Crew are set to release their viral hit ‘The Spark’ as a single.

The kids have become internet sensations with the newly released Drum & Bass rap track

It already has over 350 million views on social media and clips have been used by the Teletubbies and Formula One teams.

Lucy Corcoran from the Kabin Crew says she's thrilled to be part of it:

"Yeah, we are just making the music video, just for fun, but we never taught to them come this far. One of my friends from the cabin, a girl came up to her for a picture, because she loved the song, and she said that already our energy was amazing and all that."

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