Cork publicans hopeful for sum...


Cork publicans hopeful for summer boost despite challenges facing the pub trade

Maire Nolan
Maire Nolan

06:41 13 May 2024

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Cork publicans are hopeful for summer boost despite challenges facing the pub trade.

The Vintners Federation of Ireland says the next few weeks will be crucial for publicans as a busy summer helps them through the winter.

The organisation is currently urging the Government to ensure the sustainability of the hospitality sector.

Speaking to RedFM news, Michael O'Donovan from VFI, says individual events such as GAA matches are giving the industry a boost:

"We saw it this weekend with the Cork and Limerick match what it meant to the city and also, you know, towns around that people were taking into the city to go to the match and back from the match. So any individual thing is a huge boost to the local area that it's on. So you know, publicans are hopeful have a good summer in the next number of weeks"

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