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Cork Mother Appeals For Widespread Specialist Training Of Pre-Natal Care Professions

RedFM News
RedFM News

09:33 11 Feb 2023

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A Cork mother, whose son suffered life-changing injuries when a detectable condition was missed during her pregnancy, is appealing for widespread specialist training of medical professions working in pre-natal care.

Laurane Foley's 12-year-old son Alex has spastic diplegic cerebral palsy because of complications at his birth caused by the manageable condition Vasa Praevia.

The HSE recently introduced guidelines for diagnosing the condition.

Speaking to RedFM News, Laurane says the new life-saving HSE guidelines are very welcome but warns maternity hospitals need to make sure staff are familiar with them for the guidelines to work:

"I do know an awful lot of people in Ireland, who have both lost babies, and who have babies who have survived to have life-limiting disabilities, and I know of a rare few who have actually survived Vasa Praevia as well, with no life-limiting disabilities or anything. It can be detected is the main thing, and once the whole team know what to look out for it, it can be prevented".

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