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Cork County Compares Well To National Average Regarding Provision Of Cycling And Pedestrian Infrastructure

RedFM News
RedFM News

11:40 27 Aug 2022

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Compared to the national average, Cork is doing well when it comes to the provision of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.

That's according to a Cork County Councillor for the Cobh Municipal District, Alan O'Connor.

He was reacting to figures published by the Green Party this week which showed that, nationwide, councils underspent funds, earmarked for building safe cycle lanes, by 42 per cent.

Local councils spent just under 180 million euro of the over 309 million assigned for the Active Travel Investment Programme.

The fund aims to develop infrastructure which allows people to travel safely by foot or bike.

Some local authorities like Kerry used less than 20 percent of their budget.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cllr Alan O'Connor says there is always scope to do more:

"Certainly, when compared to the national average, we're doing well. Whether we're doing enough, of course I always think we can do more. People will know the main reason why this is happening at the moment is because we need to reduce our emissions for climate change, and passenger cars constitute almost 10% of our national emissions. So if we can offer people the alternative, good cycle paths, good footpaths, they have that option to get out of the car, particularly for those short journeys. This is great infrastructure for communities. We need to be doing more and more and more on this. Definitely".

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