Cork Chamber calls for more tr...


Cork Chamber calls for more traffic to be driven out of Cork Airport

RedFM News
RedFM News

04:05 21 Jun 2022

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The call from the CEO of Cork Chamber comes as the business body adds it's voice to concerns being raised about the dominance of Dublin Airport on Ireland’s aviation industry

Conor Healy says there needs to be a concerted effort to help grow new routes and traffic out of Cork Airport which would benefit the entire southern region

In recent weeks thousands of passengers travelling through Dublin Airport have experienced long delays and queues with many missing their flights due to staff shortages
The delays led to calls for routes to be transferred to the regional airports and ease the pressure on Dublin

Speaking to RedFM News, Cork Chamber's Conor Healy says it's clear that Government and DAA policies need to focus on transferring routes to Cork

"The airlines will place the aircraft where they think they will get the greater return. In that context it is not unusual that airlines will view the larger capital city hub airport as where they will generate the greater return, that doesn't mean that they can't generate a very positive return out of somewhere like Cork airport and they do so currently on the routes that they have. But to increase activity to see additional routes we need Government policy and DAA policy focus on on incentivising and supporting those airlines to transfer some of that activity from Dublin to Cork"

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