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City Council And Port Of Cork Company Currently Working To 'Respond' To Marine Gas Oil Leak In City This Morning

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04:21 14 Jul 2023

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The City Council and the Port of Cork Company are currently working to 'respond' to a marine gas oil leak which spilled into the River Lee in the city this morning.

Up to 20 litres of marine gas oil or MGO is estimated to have been released into a co-called 'limited area' of water at Horgan's Quay - away from Cork Harbour’s environmentally sensitive areas.

The release happened at around quarter to ten this morning - during a transfer from a road tanker to a fishing vessel on the Quay.

The City Council told RedFM News in a statement that the release was 'momentary and was stopped quickly'.

Teams from the City Council and the Port of Cork Company are currently responding to the incident - in a joint operation.

The Irish Coastguard has been informed.

It is expected that the response will be completed in the coming hours and an investigation is ongoing.

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