Almost 46,000 Homes Across Cit...


Almost 46,000 Homes Across City And County Have Two Or More Bedrooms Not Being Used

RedFM News
RedFM News

03:36 4 Sep 2023

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Almost 46,000 homes across the city and county have two or more bedrooms that aren't being used.

Census 2022 data also showed that over 93,000 homes in Cork had one spare room.

There were over 12,000 homes across the city and county with three bedrooms that nobody was sleeping in - which is around 36 thousand spare rooms.

Speaking to RedFM News, Pat Drinan of HomeHak says people should rent out their spare rooms:

"We've had digs. We've had people who rent a room. And I'm not sure what's happened, in the sense that it's not for everybody - that's absolutely right - however, there is a housing crisis. There are 1.2 million spare bedrooms in the country. And at the same time, there's a cost of living crisis. And some people, they can do with the extra income and that income is sitting there in their home - sometimes three rooms with doors locked nobody in there".

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