January 8th 2018

Neil Prendeville on RedFM

Monday, January 8th, 2018 - 2 hours 13 minutes

Following Kathryn Thomas opening up about her two miscarriages on The Late, Late Show on Friday, Neil speaks to Georgina who has had 18 miscarriages in the last ten years. Neil talks to Shane Clarke, CEO of Nano Nagle, who is calling for the iconic Cork Mangan Clock to be fixed. Neil also catches up with Philip Stokes of Stokes Clocks and Watches who helped us in the past to fix the Shandon Clock! Carl got in touch with the show looking for help to try and shift some weight as he currently at 22 stone. We're going to work with Carl over the next 8 months to help him get in to shape. Neil also catches up with the Cork stars of RTE's Dancing with the Stars, Tomas O'Leary, Rob Heffernan and Anna Geary as well as sports presenter Marty Morrissey. This and much more on today's show...