17th January 2018

Neil Prendeville on RedFM

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 - 2 hours 15 minutes

We spoke to Paddy who lives in a 4 bed council house in Churchfield on his own. He has been trying to downsize since 1998 so that he can get a smaller house and a large family can go into that house. he's on disability and is rattling around the house alone! Catherine O' Leary and her family featured on RTE Prime Time last night. Money is running out to to look after her at home and the family are calling on Health Minister Simon Harris to intervene. They have set up a GoFundme below. Neil spoke to husband Pat O' Leary. We spoke to Ciara who suffers from terrible night terrors and hallucinates about things coming out of the attic when she wakes in terror. Neil also chatted to Lee, who lost his beloved aunt and cousin within 17 days of each other in October. All the family are suffering from severe insomnia since. We also got advice from two sleep experts.