Eyewitness Accounts From Passengers Onboard Cork/Heathrow Flight

The flight had to make an emergency landing in Cork

Passengers who were the subject of an emergency landing at Cork Airport this lunchtime have been recounting the moment the captain told then that they would have to return to Cork 

The airport triggered its full emergency plan after Aer Lingus flight EI712 had to return to Cork 15 minutes into it's journey after smoke was detected on the flight deck 

The aircraft landed safely shortly before 1.30pm where a fleet of ambulances and fire brigade units from the City and county rushed to the airfield to provide back up to the airport’s own fire and rescue services.

None of the passengers were injured and were safely evacuated from the aircraft and brought back to the terminal building.

Valentia Coastguard says as the mayday was declared over sea the majority of the coastguards on the south coast were put on standby in case the plane had to come down in the water 

Barry O'Sullivan was also on board flight EI712 and he told RedFM News what happened when they returned to Cork 


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