Zayn Malik Dropped From Management Company After Being Verbally Abusive To Staff

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik has been dropped by his management company because of being challenging to work with.

Sarah Stennett of First Access Entertainment has dropped the singer from the company after Malik became verbally abusive to staff.

The management company have been looking after Zayn's career since he dramatically left One Direction in 2015. Reports suggest that the Pillowtalk star "became challenging to work with, declining many promotional opportunities and not touring his last album" due to anxiety.

It's also being reported that the singer has become increasingly difficult to work with since his recent split with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Stennett confirmed the artist-management break up to Variety saying "Sometimes in life you have to make extremely difficult decisions to effect positive change for everyone."

Zayn has not made a comment.


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