WATCH: Louis Theroux Releases Fascinating Trailer For Scientology Movie

The documentary style film looks very intense!

Louis Theroux is an award winning filmmaker who cuts to the core of controversial issues in his documentaries.

Theroux has had a fascination with the Church of Scientology for years and after approaching the religious organisation a decade ago to no avail he decided to return to the topic with "My Scientology Movie".

The 46 year old can be seen trying to contact Scientology leader David Miscavige in an attempt to include him in the film. In the trailer we can see Miscavige isn't interested so instead, with the help of self proclaimed 'Baddest Ass Dude in Scientology' Marty Rathburn, a series of reported scenarios are re-created by actors.

We also see the sinister side to the Church with Theroux and his crew being followed for hours as well as being harassed by a camera and intimidated by Scientology members.

The documentary is set for release on October 7th.

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