WATCH: This Moving Video Celebrates Irish Women From 1916 To 2016

It's a fitting day for Ireland 2016 to release this video celebrating the role Irish women took in the 1916 Rising.

This fantastic new video produced by bigOmedia and released by Ireland 2016 titled Women of Ireland 1916 | 2016, has been aptly launched for International Women's Day. In this moving video we see the parallels, the differences and similarities in Irish women's lives 100 years apart and what they have done and do for our small country.

This video focuses on two women, Margaret Kehoe in 1916 and Dr. Claire Cahill in 2016. Carlow born Nurse Maragaret Kehoe left her house on April 24, 1916 and was fatally injured while helping the wounded and never returned home. Dr. Claire Cahill follows in the footsteps of Nurse Kehoe caring for people in St. Mary's Hospital. The video is a true reminder of the sacrifices made by the 300 or so heroic Irish women of 1916. Their actions and bravery opened up opportunities for women in Ireland today who are creating a future for the Ireland of tomorrow.

Through a programme of special events in 2016, the bravery and idealism of the women of 1916 will be remembered.

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