WATCH: George Ezra Is Back!

George Ezra has released his first single since his 2014 album Wanted On Voyage.

The 24-year-old rose to fame from his singles Budapest, Listen To The Man and Blame It On Me.

Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1 premiered the new song Don't Matter Now as her Hottest Record this week. Speaking to Annie about his new music, George said, “I had to work out what I wanted the album to be about,” George told Annie. “What it is you’re going into and why you’re doing it. The first trip I did was a month in Barcelona, which was pretty amazing. I’ve always loved it, I was like, let’s go back. I rented a bedroom off a stranger online. I was like, do you really want to do that George? But you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.”

“I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time now that I’m back on tour,” he continued. “It’s having a reason – whatever it is you do, it’s good to know you’re wanted. To wake up and think, I know what I’m doing today.

“It’s not very cool to be happy. I’m going to bring it back! The best thing I can do is be honest. Even if people can’t tell that they know, they definitely know whether you’re being honest or not.”

George is currently on his "Top Secret Tour" and played Belfast, Dublin and Limerick a few weeks ago.




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