WATCH: First Look At Celebrity Gogglebox Including Liam Gallagher and Ed Sheeran

Celebrity Gogglebox will let us in to the living rooms of familiar faces to get their opinions on tv shows and movies we all watch.

The Celebrity edition of the popular show is part of the upcoming Stand Up For Cancer campaign on Channel 4.

Yesterday it was revealed that loudmouthed Liam Gallagher would be appearing on the show alongside his mother Peggy and teenage son Gene, following in the footsteps of his own brother Noel who took part in the charity show with supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on the original Celebrity Gogglebox back in 2014.

Ed Sheeran, who is still in a cast after an accident a couple of weeks ago, is also set to be on the couch watching tv with his friends Example and Big Narstie. Speaking about his upcoming appearance on the show, Ed said “I’m such a huge fan of Gogglebox so it’s going to be weirdly surreal to actually be part of it.”

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Freddie Flintoff and Labour's Jeremy Corbyn are other names linked to the show which will air on Channel 4 this Friday November 3rd.

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