Tonight's Late Late Show Line Up Is Right Here!

Here's who you expect to see on the couch with Ryan tonight.

Golfer Padraig Harrington joins Ryan tonight to catch up a year after his play-off at the Honda Classic in Flordia. Tubs and Padraig also took time to hang out earlier in the week at Harrington's so called man cave, no doubt we'll hear plenty of witty anecdotes from that encounter!

Poll topping brothers Michael and Danny Healy-Rae will also be talking to Ryan tonight. They'll surely let us in on their secret to success and how it feels to be the first ever brothers to be elected in the same constituency during the same election. I'm sure they'll have their own opinions on who should form the next government.

Some of the cast of the successful Ross O'Carroll Kelly adapted show Breaking Dad Laurence Kinlan (Love/Hate) and Aoibhín Garrihy (Fair City) will also be discussing the success of the show. Laurence will also speak about spending time with friend Domhnall Gleeson in LA while Aoibhín will chat about her part in The Fall alongside Jamie Dornan.

Presenter of "A Place In The Sun - Home & Away", Jasmine Harman will talk to Ryan about her mother's Hoarding Disorder. Jasmine will appear in a documentary called "My Hoarder Mum and Me" which highlights the struggle for her mother to get help.

John McMahon and Gerard Whelan will also be on the show to talk about their triplets who were born by a surrogate mother nearly fifteen years ago. The couple brought home the triplets to Dublin from California and share their story for the first time tonight.  

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