Tipperary Toddler Gets Stuck In Claw Machine

This Tipperary toddler was very eager to get his hands on the contents of this claw machine!

Little Jamie Bracken-Murphy was in a play centre in Nenagh with his dad Damien when things took a dramatic turn.

Dad Damien explained the sequence of events one of his Facebook statuses highlighting the swift movements of a three-year-olds all over the world.

"> In play centre.
> Takes eyes off 3 year old mischievous son for 6 seconds.
> Hears muffled complaint near the amusements.
> Look up, see this.
> What do?"

Jamie had managed to crawl inside the claw machine during the brief moment his dad wasn't looking in a bid to get the toys inside.

Luckily an off-duty fireman was in the centre and encouraged Jamie to climb back out the way he got in.

Jamie took some prisoners with him when he was rescued from the machine too!

No doubt these photos will end up being produced on numerous family occasions over the rest of his life.


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