Steven Avery's Lawyer Claims She Has Airtight Alibi For Client Following New Evidence

Top 'wrongful conviction' lawyer Kathleen Zellner took on Steven Avery's case following the Making a Murder phenomenon.

Since taking over the case Zellner has been adament that Steven Avery is innocent. She has been looking at different pieces of evidence that were not available ten years ago when the murder trial was taking place.

Zellner has been using scientific evidence and DNA so far to free Avery and has now claimed that she has an "airtight alibi" after investigating phone tower signals on the day of Teresa's murder. 


Teresa's phone was used as evidence in the original murder trial as it appeared that voicemails had mysteriously been deleted after her death with no conclusion ever being made over who may have destroyed the messages.

According to Uproxx: "The prosecution has claimed that the Avery Salvage Yard was [Halbach's] last known location. Internet sleuths following the case have speculated that she may have actually visited another Auto Trader client after the salvage yard. Cellphone tower records could reveal that, and maybe even where she died... this murder went down in 2005, long before it became general knowledge that cellphones were basically tracking devices we keep in our pockets."

It's definitely an interesting development! 

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