New Website Will Help You Find Movies You Can't Remember The Name Of

Let's face it, we've all had those moments...

You're there trying to describe every detail of the movie that you can remember to a friend but neither of you can fathom what the actual name of it is. Google isn't helping you either when you try to search for obscure terms from the fragments of the movie you can remember.

For those of you who have this problem, your head-wrecked days are over!

A Finnish technology company are after developing a system whereby you can describe the movie you're thinking of and it will give you it's title.

Valossa received $650,000 from investors to develop, a search engine that uses "natural, verbose and flexible querying”. It's basically a Shazam for movies to put it in lay-man's terms.

All you need to do is type in any description of the movie you can't think of the title to and the website will give you a number of possible answers. The technology analyses video streams and people, objects or places etc within those clips to give you your results.

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